Sunday, August 28, 2016

Weekly Workouts 8/22-8/28

Monday: Elizabeth and I christened my "gym" with a nice pilates workout. After our 8-miler the night before, deep stretching and strengthening was just what we needed.
Tuesday: We did a bridge workout that felt particularly hard, maybe because the heat index was 102. I don't have much to say on this one except that it was tough and I was glad when it was over!
Even the sunset and sky look hot!
Wednesday: We tried a new workout video that I ended up really liking! This cardio boxing video kept our heart rates up and really felt like good work. We were both surprised by how much we liked this video, and I was totally satisfied at the end!
Thursday: The weather gave us a little break for our first easy run of the week. We tried a couple new paths on the golf course and kept a nice, steady pace in the mid-9s. It was overcast and very windy - there's a hurricane of some kind brewing out in the ocean and we're starting to see some effects of it already - so I think that helped.
Average pace: 9:37.
I'm always secretly worried we'll get in trouble for running on the course, but Thursday we finally seemed to get the "okay" from one of the groundskeepers. We had paused briefly for water at the driving range when he drove by and offered us cups (every evening they take away the paper cups at the drinking stations). He was super friendly and didn't tell us not to use the course or its amenities, so I feel like now we have tacit approval.

Friday: Unplanned rest due to storms.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: I had a headache all afternoon, so I wasn't feeling up for a run or anything really bouncy. I did some easy, low-impact exercises - squats, pushups, tricep dips, lunges - and called it a day.

I'm unhappy with how this week ended. My runs were good but I only got two in. But I'm trying to remember that it's all about consistency over time, and one mediocre week isn't going to kill me!


Friday, August 26, 2016

Runfessions: Cleavage Sweat & Secret Gloating

Today I'm linking up with Marcia for Runfessions!
#1: Let's start with something weird. A long time ago I read a "catwalk secret" about using deodorant in odd places to prevent sweating when you're trying to look nice. Since then, I've made it a habit to put deodorant on my chest where my bra band sits; it seems to prevent chafing and control my cleavage sweat a little bit!

#2: I am so damn happy that I'm not marathon training this year. Every time I see a long-run post I think, "Glad that's not me!" I was worried I'd feel left out or grumpy about it, but I'm actually over here gloating that I get to sleep in on weekends and most of my runs these days are done in under two hours.
Short runs, I love you!
(You can call me on this next time I decide to run a marathon.)

#3: Earlier this week I was cooking a very healthy dinner of spaghetti squash and shrimp when Matt texted that he wanted burgers. It took me all of 10 seconds to abandon our healthy dinner plan. Sometimes you need a little junk in your life.
Gluten free Philly burger and a banana foster milkshake? Squash and shrimp didn't stand a chance.
#4: Despite posting some really awesome songs last week, I've gotten a little bored of my usual GooglePlay stations and have been totally rocking out to embarrassing music on the "90s Crowd-Pleasing Hits" station this week.
I used to think "Bitch" was the coolest song ever.
#5: I'm actually really glad the Olympics are over. I loved watching them, but I was getting oversaturated! True story: I'm already sick of seeing people post about them - can we just move on?!

That's all I've got! What are you runfessing this week?


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I Knew I Wasn't Crazy!

This past spring, I dedicated myself to keeping my training up because usually, I start to slack off around April and May. Warmer weather and the intensity of the end of the school year takes a lot out of me, and I start to slide.
Comparing my spring/summer mileage from 2015 and 2016 really puts into perspective how hard I worked to keep my fitness up this summer.
But this year, I wanted to keep my fitness level up so summer running wouldn't be as hard. I was more consistent than I've ever been! So why has running seemed so hard?

The answer came to me in this article:
Click here to read it.
That's right; I'm not crazy. We've actually had a more brutally hot summer this year than ever before, and our winter last year was sadly mild and very short. I don't think the temperatures dropped into the 40s even once.

I'm not going to preach about global warming here, although I think it's absolutely real and absolutely accelerated by human impact. No, instead I just want to take a moment to bask in the fact that I wasn't a whiny baby for nothing this summer, and neither were you guys.
But let's take a minute to acknowledge that global warming is freaking bad and we should all be concerned about it for more reasons than just the effect it has on the quality of our runs.
The heat has been real and its effects can be dangerous. It impacts our breathing, our stamina, our heart rate, the rate of sweat evaporation (when we're dealing with humidity), and our recovery. The mild winter meant many allergens never completely disappeared, so allergy season was longer and nastier this spring, too, causing those of us with asthma and allergies to suffer more than usual. 

So if you've been feeling less than peppy on your runs lately, know that your complaints are legitimate and your effort will pay off when it cools down again!...If you're lucky enough to live somewhere that cools down.

Because now I have to cross my fingers and hope it ever really does cool down, because Florida is starting to look like maybe we won't have an actual winter again for a long time.

Have you depended on the treadmill due to heat this summer?
Would you rather run in heat or cold?
What's your #1 tip for running in the heat?