Sunday, January 22, 2017

Weekly Workouts 1/17-1/22

Monday: See last week's workout recap. Unfortunately, these miles counted for last week, so I'm not counting them here!
Tuesday: I did two rounds of the workout below. I think Elise's Body Shop is my new favorite Instagram account for workouts. They are so tough and she is so strong!

A video posted by Elise Young (@elisesbodyshop) on
Wednesday: Rest.

Thursday: 4 miles. I felt pretty good but had just a twinge of shin tightness.
Friday: I opted to rest because my hamstring hurt. I spent the evening prepping for the Women's March on Saturday.

Saturday: I attended the Women's March in Naples. More on that later this week!
Sunday: We attempted a 13-miler but my calf tightness was BACK. Ugh. I am so frustrated! I know I didn't spend enough time stretching and heating this week, so we cut the run short (to ~2.5 miles) and we'll try again Monday.

Total Mileage: 6 (not counting Monday's 9)


Friday, January 20, 2017

How to Treat Calf Pain

This may be one of those posts that's more for myself than anyone else. Because having bricks for calves was a new injury for me, I wasn't sure how best to treat it. I tried a lot of different things, but now that I've been calf-pain-free for two weeks, here's what I found works well for me, in case it ever happens again.

1. Extended Rest. I really didn't want to admit I needed this, but of everything else I did, it made the biggest difference. Taking two weeks almost completely off really helped.
The last half of December was spent not running. Boo.
2. Stretching. Duh. I hate how much time quality stretching takes up, but it's worth it in the end. Down-dog and heel drops will now be a part of my post-run routine.
3 & 4. Massage (TENS Unit and Foam Roller). I broke out the handheld TENS Unit my sister got me last Hanukkah and let it do its thing. Using the foam roller also works for me, but sometimes I'm too lazy to put the effort in. I like that the electric massage lets me control the level of stimulation and I can sit back and relax while it works.
5. Heat. I had tried icing my calf, but someone commented and recommended I try a heating pad. (I'm sorry I can't remember who this was because the suggestion was genius and I'd like to give you credit!) When I start to feel my calves getting a little achey or sensitive, I turn on the heating pad and it really mellows out my muscles!
Hopefully stretching, massage, and heat therapy will be good preventative measures so I never have to use the first option again!

What treatments do you swear by for treating aches and pains?

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Weekly Workouts: 1/9-1/16

This week's recap includes two Mondays; we didn't have work today and pushed our long run back from Sunday because I was working at Matt's studio all weekend during the art festival! I'll post about that later probably. For now, here's this week:

Monday: It's been awhile, but I made Elizabeth promise to hold me accountable for cross training at school. We did two rounds of the core workout below and then I spent a few hours building our kitchen island.

Tuesday: My thighs were feeling Monday's workout! Tuesday's run felt fantastic; it was the first time we kept a really speedy pace since my calf issues. So liberating!
Wednesday: Rest day. I was in Sarasota all day for work; when I got back I went straight to an art showcase Matt was participating in. It was so fun to be his lovely assistant while he worked on the wheel.
Thursday: Another flat four miles. My legs are starting to feel what being back in training means, but in a good way. Lots of good, non-injured, happily-used muscle soreness going on.
Friday: Rest...Our friend Oden was in town and we went out to dinner. I began to notice some tightness in my lungs and wondered if there were some fires nearby, so I didn't mind the rest day.

Saturday: I got up and ran 4 miles alone before heading to Upriver Ceramics for a full day of schmoozing and selling art! My lungs weren't great and I started prednisone doses that afternoon. We met Oden and Todd afterward for dinner, drinks, and mini golf.
I stayed VERY hydrated on Saturday night...hence our long run moving to Monday! I also got two holes-in-one!
Sunday: Another long day (10-5) on my feet at the studio. My feet and legs were tired!
Monday: Elizabeth and I ran a nice 9.4 miles in the morning. We got to start a little late (8am) because it was "cool" and overcast. My lungs weren't great but they were better controlled than Saturday. I ran with my inhaler but didn't need it. My legs are still feeling strong and happy!
We look a mess.
Total miles: 21

Over all this was a great week! I'm so glad we got a real long run in because we have just about four weeks to race day, so it's crunch time! Our training was pretty derailed over winter break and we've had to make some major adjustments, but I still think our goal is within reach.