Thursday, April 11, 2013

Goodbye Comfort Zone

I am not usually an impulsive person. I wouldn't really say I'm Type-A, but I'm definitely borderline. Still, I've found that in my quest to become a better runner, I sometimes let my feet jump in before my head can get in the way.

(What can I say? Apparently I love trying new things and pushing my limits...who knew? I certainly didn't!)

That's exactly what happened Tuesday. I arrived at school at 7:30 and immediately received a text from my assistant principal:

Before I could stop myself, I was opening a new text and doing two things that absolutely terrify me: 1) conversing with an absolute stranger out of the blue, and 2) tentatively saying "yes" to joining her Ragnar team. I promised to be in touch after I'd done some research.

The only reason for being tentative was the price. Everything else in my body seemed to just have an immediate, visceral reaction to this opportunity. YES! the running part of my brain screamed, DO IT!

Easier said than done, of course. I had no time to look into it the rest of the day, and in the evening I looked up details and discussed the race with Matt. He was interested in joining as well, but as his decision vacillated, ST (the team founder) texted me again:

I responded immediately that I would join for sure, and I'd pay ASAP. (Matt decided that if they needed a 12th, he'd consider...Bless him for getting into running, but it's still not his top priority, love, and obsession.)

So here I am, joined up, paid up, and officially looking forward to my first relay race! ("Relay race" sounds so juvenile and simple, doesn't it? Oh, if only...)

Because my AP had sent the message to other "serious" runners at the school, two other ladies from work joined the team as well. I saw one the morning after the Big Decision, and we both simultaneously gave a little yelp and dance to the tune of "Oh my gosh are you signed up I'm so excited I paid today WHEEE!"

I'm so excited and terrified to do this, but it'll be a little easier to know at least two others on the team.

I'm quite proud, actually, of my chutzpah. I mean, getting in touch with a stranger to run an overnight relay race of 14+ miles with other strangers? Clearly running has either warped my brain, or turned me into one courageous lady. Maybe a little of both.

I think I like it.

(Once training gets underway, I'll post a bit more about Ragnar for those who are unfamiliar. For now, if you're interested, check out their website.) 

Tell me about a running experience that pushed your boundaries and was fantastic!

What do I need to know before we begin training?

What's the secret to a successful relay race team name?



cori @olivetorun said...

Ahh!! So exciting :) I haven't done one myself but I've heard great things! You're going to have a blast.

Annie Crow said...

Congratulations! I'd love to do a Ragnar someday. I'm looking forward to hearing about it!

Ali K. said...

I'm hoping it goes as well as I'm envisioning it, because I feel like it could be a good new addiction to add to my "running addictions" list.

Ali K. said...

I hope you don't regret that sentiment when, months down the line, it's seriously all I can talk about haha.

... said...

Matt could be one of the drivers or volunteers if the team still needs them... or an alternate... there are LOTS of ways people can be involved in Ragnar. Have fun!!

Ali K. said...

I keep suggesting he should drive a van...I know he'll definitely be there, so we'll have to get him involved somehow.

Emma said...

Relay races sound SO fun! I'm supposed to do one at the end of the month but we need one more girl. Want to come and join?!
Emma@ a mom runs this town . com

Ali K. said...

With my lackadaisical training attitude right now, there's no way I could ;o) Contact local running groups to find someone!

Kathee said...

I've ran SEVEN Ragnar Relays. I ran the Florida Keys in January and all I can say is that they are awesome! Especially if you have a bunch of fun people that are just in it for the experience. I'm not a Floridian, so I was miserable in the humidity but my new teammates/friends made it all worth it. The training I do is make sure I've done a couple miles more then my longest leg. I also make sure that I'm running regularly. My brother does some 2 a day runs, but he takes it very seriously! Have fun!

Ali K. said...

Wow, seven?! That's astounding! Our race is in Feb, so the weather might be rainy, but will otherwise definitely be cooperative. Low humidity and temperatures, for sure. I'll keep the training advice in mind; thank you!