Monday, August 26, 2013

A New Plan

This far into my training, I've been following the Hal Higdon Beginner II plan for my marathon. But I've been finding that only one rest day isn't enough for me. This week, I've taken three days off because of IT band pain.

I refuse to be injured. I'm going to nurse my leg so I can complete my training successfully. But this also means I need to look at a backup plan.

I was doing some searching this week, realizing I have 11 weeks to go until race day and have pretty much decided the Higdon plan isn't working for me. I found this one from Women's Running UK.

I like it because it gives specific cross-training workouts, and it allows for more rest days and fewer mid-week runs above 5 miles.

I was unable to do my long-run Sunday because my IT band was still twingey, despite the rest this week. I've been rolling diligently, doing hip and core exercises, and wearing my most comfortable work shoes. Today it feels better, and I plan to head to the gym to test it out when this post is finished.

This weekend wasn't all a bust, though. Matt and I had a race of a different sort.
Matt on his final .1
Okay, he had a race. I got to experience what sitting in the sun waiting for a race to be over feels like.

Matt did a 5k paddle race and a 100m sprint. He placed 3rd in the 5k for his division, and 1st for the sprint!
His trophy is seriously the coolest thing ever!
I'm so impressed! It's pretty cool how similar SUP and running can be.

After the race, we traveled to St. Pete to meet some of our oldest college friends for dinner and to catch a Rays game. It was an extremely packed, wonderful weekend.
I stepped out of my comfort zone and had bacon and cheddar grits with shrimp, avocado, and tomatoes. Uh-maz-ing!
The crew after dinner.
The Rays new mascot is the cutest stingray EVER!
Enjoying the nosebleed section.
When we got home Sunday, I promptly took a nap and then graded all evening.

Wish me luck on my run tonight. I'm hoping I'm back in tip-top shape after six days off.

What is your most persistent injury?
Have you ever dealt with IT band issues?
Do you like baseball?
When's the last time you got to see some old college friends? 



Liz Bierly said...

My most persistent injury is both my knees and my shins - both hurt like all get out when I run, so I've taken a week off and have a physical therapy appointment on Wednesday. Lots of elliptical and strength training!

I love that training plan! I might use that when I train for a marathon :) Less miles is definitely what my body needs - too bad I figured this out 3 weeks out from the half!

Melissa Sikorski said...

I used the Hal Higdon plan for my first marathon and ended up with a lot of hip pain and got really burned out on running. I have since switched and use the FIRST program. You only run 3 days per week and cross train the other two and I love it. It tell you exactly what to do for your cross training days. I have had faster half and full marathon times since I started using it. Check it out!

Katherine Elliott said...

I've used Hal for one training cycle and Runner's World Smart Coach for one. Hal had too many running days, RWSC didn't have enough. I'll be looking for a new one for the next cycle.

I have ITB pain sometimes. Not sure if I've gotten used to it or it's calmed down.

emma @ a mom runs this town said...

Now that's a fun 5K! Yup IT Band means overuse so foam roll that out and rest! This new team has us running 6 days a week (I'm used to 3) so I foresee some injuries unfortunately... hopefully not!

NotRachem said...

Oh no! I really hope your ITB starts feeling better! Way to go listening to your body and switching up the plan when you knew the other one just wasn't working. And congratulations to Matt!! That's so awesome! One of these days I will try SUP, it looks so fun. The problem here is that the water is far too cold to enjoy it. But it's on my bucket list.

Kelsey @ Go Girl said...

I've ALWAYS wanted to SUP. Maybe next year? That trophy is seriously would probably motivate me to run faster. Looks like y'all had a fun time at the Rays game (Go Braves)! Hope you get your IT band situation figured out...injuries are no fun.

Renee said...

Hope the IT Bands get better soon! I've found that a tennis ball works better for me than the foam roller.

Annie Crow said...

My IT band is a persistent problem. I make sure to include IT specific stretches every time I stretch and then have a IT routine that I got from Runners' World some years ago that I do when I remember to (Sage Rountree is the creator). I don't like to roll though I'm sure I should.

Good luck!

Annie Crow said...

Oh, and swimming helps my IT too.

Ali K. said...

I hope PT helps figure out the cause of your aches!

3 weeks from your half?! You should be tapering, girl! No wonder you're sore!

Ali K. said...

I've been feeling burned out, too. FIRST looks REALLY interesting! Maybe I'll test that one out, too! (Is it possible to do 2 programs at once? lol)

Ali K. said...

I guess you could merge the two plans to create a perfect hybrid...I just feel like too much of a newb to trust myself to tweak it correctly.

Ali K. said...

I wish I could run - actual distances, not just a single mile, like in the streak - daily without pain. I'm so jealous of people who can! My roller and I are spending lots of quality time together this week lol.

Ali K. said...

SUP is super fun and easy...I say this as someone who hates to get wet. It's pretty hard to overbalance/fall in if you're just out on a leisurely paddle.

Ali K. said...

The trophy was hand carved by a surfer in the area. So cool!

I love baseball! I always love when a fellow running blogger is a fan...and I can appreciate you even more because you're not a Yankees or Sox fan hehe.

Ali K. said...

That sounds do you use a tennis ball on such a big muscle? Do you just lie on it, or roll it over the band using your hand??

Ali K. said...

Buying a bathing suit and goggles is on my to-do list this week. I need to start swimming for X-training!

... said...

Ice massage is bonus points.

Ali K. said...

Ice massage?! I'll need to look into that. I've known for ages I'm due for a sports therapy massage, but just can't bring myself to spend the money!

Run like a G! said...

First I would like to say that I wish you the best with your training and healing! You know your body the best! We all know how important it is to take care of it and listen to it, especially us runners :)

Second, I love your pants! They are soooo cute and you are totally rockin' them girl! :)

Have a great weekend!

Run like a G! said...

PS~ Just checked out the marathon training...I totally think I am going to use that next year when I train for mine! I love it !

Girl Goes Running said...

I hope your IT band feels better soon. Injuries suck! I've had Achilles tendonitis, shin splints (chronically) and plantar fasciitis. :( I find that icing and running on flat surfaces help me the most...and of course resting, lol.

I do follow Hal Higdon's plans, and always have but what I did for my first marathon was substitute one easy run day for a cross-training day or rest day. Then I was running 5 days a week as opposed to 6.

Have an awesome Weekend! :)

Girl Goes Running said...

P.S. I really enjoy reading your blog and I have nominated you for the Shine on award. You can check it out at
Happy blogging!

Courteney O said...

Just came across your blog thanks to Girl Goes Running. I struggle with IT band pain constantly. It has derailed my attempt at my first 1/2....but I am still trying to train and strengthen so that I might attempt it again next year. I'm excited to follow you on your journey!!!

Ali K. said...

Thanks girl...I hate taking days off. It makes me feel like I'm letting my training slip. But I know it's justified.

I love those pants! They were like $10 at TJ Maxx! lol

Ali K. said...

I'm still learning how to adjust the plan to my liking, and to not feel "guilty" about having to take an extra rest day here or there. This is such a learning experience!

Than you SO much for the nomination!! That's so nice of you!! I'll check it out asap!

Ali K. said...

Welcome! Thank you for checking out my blog :o)

The only cure for IT band pain is rest. It takes forever to heal, and then you have to do preventative exercises. When I remember to stick to my exercise routine, the pain is non-existent! Good luck with your recovery!