Thursday, August 22, 2013

Guest Post Alert!

Not over here, but over at See This Girl Run!

Alyssa was kind enough to ask me to write a guest post, and I was humbled and honored to do it! She is such a bubbly, positive energy on the blogosphere! (This is my first-ever guest post, so I was especially excited to write it for someone who's so inspiring and genuinely likeable!)

Okay, exclamation-mark overload.

Anyway, I wrote an entry just for her blog on building mental toughness. Many of us have been struggling with our training lately, it seems...Summer makes it difficult to stay on track. But this is a great opportunity to find out just how strong we really are!

Check out my post here, and tell her hello!



Liz Bierly said...

I loved the advice you gave :) Before I started running, when I did it only for soccer and hated every step, I gave myself outs all the time. "It's kinda cold" "I don't have time" - followed by an hour on the computer
Now I just make myself do it. I loved the post and I think it will help with the burnout. :D

Ali K. said...

I'm so glad you took something away from it! It's definitely true for me, too, that the more I force myself to just GO already, the more I get from it, and the more I love it!

NotRachem said...

That is so exciting for you! And an absolutely great post! Yay!!!

Ali K. said...

Thank you!!

Run like a G! said...

That as an awesome post!
Thanks Ali!
I really needed it :)

Annie Crow said...

Great post! I loved the quotes/pictures.

And to answer your questions (I can never sign in on Wordpress for some reason), yes, I do think I am mentally tough. But I do have my limits, and when I need to push past them, I turn to prayer. Even if my prayer is just to be willing/open to change.

Such as getting inspired by other people!

keepcalmandjustrun said...

Just loved your post! It's easy to give up and as we all know, the hardest part is getting your foot out the door! Thanks for the great advice!

Renee said...

Yay for guest posting!! I loved your post.

Ali K. said...

I needed it too! It was therapeutic to write I need to take my own advice!!

Ali K. said...

Thank you!

I think you're totally mentally tough. Anyone who's done a marathon before and is willing to do another is either mentally crazy, or tough! lol

Ali K. said...

Thank you!!

It's definitely easier said than done! I'm still working on taking my own advice at times!

Ali K. said...

Thank you!!