Saturday, October 5, 2013

Books, Boards, and Big Decisions

At my school, we have a daily break of 15 minutes during which everyone pauses to read from a book of their choice. Students are expected to read 50 books by the end of the year (give or take, depending on length and complexity) and teachers are expected to read 30.

As I've taken time off from running, I've been spending more time with my books. I don't mind that; I'm a voracious reader. I was reading a lot of non-fiction earlier this school year, but now I've gone back to my roots.

My all-time favorite has always been Stephen King, and I've been indulging my obsession quite a bit this month.
I had to reread this one, because the sequel came out and it's been too long!
It's been awhile since SK has written real horror, and this was just what the doctor ordered!
Hey, fall is meant to be spooky, right?
I'm in the middle of this one. Slow at first, but once it picks up, it's awesome.
I've also begun reading Joe Hill's novels. (Hill is King's son, and his books are gory and gruesome and creepy and fun.)
Well-written and eerie. I highly recommend this one, and "Horns".
This week, Matt installed a sound system for a paddleboarding store. As part of his payment, he traded for a paddleboard and paddle for me! I'm psyched. We went to the beach today and I got to use my very own board for the first time ever.
His 'n hers at the beach. (Mine is the BOGA!)
Knowing this is my board helped me feel a lot more comfortable on it. I even dealt with some pretty big swells and didn't fall off. It felt great to get some exercise and spend time outside.
I'm at the beach in October. Jealous?
As far as running goes, I've come to a final decision. I'm going to run a 10k on October 19 and a 15k on the 26th. These are both races I've done before and love. I'm planning to drop to the half from the full for the November race.

I'm disappointed, but I also need to face reality. I'm not ready for the full; I've had too many setbacks. I'd rather run the half and enjoy it than struggle through a full I'm not ready for, possibly injuring myself and definitely doing some mental damage, too.

In January, I set my resolutions. My original goal this year was to run an "extra-long" long run to see how it felt, and then decide on if a full was in my future. I've accomplished that much.
My 2013 NY Resolutions.
This will also allow me to be fully recovered and ready for Ragnar in February.

Running is a life-long commitment. I don't want risk being able to run for a long, long time. In the long run (haha), this is one season that got a little off-track, but there will be many seasons to come.

How do you enjoy spending your downtime?
Are you a big reader? Recommend something to me!



Girl Goes Running said...

Here's a coincidence: I was watching a rerun of Friends today and Joey was reading SK's "The Shining." He got scared and hid it in the freezer...LOL.

I might need to start reading some Fiction as well. My reading is purely non-fiction right now. :)

Liz Bierly said...

I'm glad that you were able to look ahead to your well being when deciding about the half vs. the full - I'm sorry the race didn't pan out, though :(

morningrunnergirl said...

Oh my gosh I don't know HOW you are reading those scary books! I get scared by movie trailers... and to me reading is always more emotional that movies, so I bet I would be terrified! Although I have always wanted to read The Shinning... classic. I probably should. But I will do it in the summer time when I am around a lot of people. Not alone in the cold winter in my apartment. YIKES! I think you are being really smart with your running and training! Way to go :) You will be so happy that you are NOT injuring yourself by going longer than your body is ready for! You have plenty of years and races ahead of you to run a marathon! PLENTY!! :)

emma @ a mom runs this town said...

Amen to your last statement! I want to do a Ragnar one day!
it's actually been 90 degrees here in VA so we could be at the beach!

Courteney O said...

I am so jealous of you being at a beach in October...I ran in 7 degrees Celsius which equates to about 44 Fahrenheit I beach weather in my forecast!
I too had to think of my future running goals and not short term when I couldn't get my mileage training in for my first 1/2. It is discouraging short term but long much better. I am still able to run now when last year I couldn't. I am so thankful for that!

Ali K. said...

I love that episode! Then he reads "Little Women" and gets upset when Beth dies, so he has to put that book in the freezer too!

Ali K. said...

I feel the same...I guess it's the mark of a mature runner to know when they need to change plans.

Ali K. said...

The novel is WAY scarier than the movie, to me, but also way different. If you've seen the movie, it's just a totally different experience than reading the book (in this case). Stephen King HATED the adaptation because it's so different.

Thanks for the encouragement...I feel really let down to have to back out, but I know it's the right thing to do.

Ali K. said...

I'm so excited for Ragnar...I can't wait!

Ah, you're feeling my "it's still summer here" pain, I see!

Ali K. said...

I'm super jealous of your weather. The coldest it gets here is 50F, but I'm looking forward to those mornings, for sure.

Glad you played it smart and are reaping the benefits now!! That's very encouraging to me!

Kristina @ Blog About Running said...

WOW you are SO BRAVE! Haha

I can't read scary books or watch scary movies at all. I used to be able to watch scary movies when I was younger but after seeing Saw 1 I just stopped cold turkey. I don't think I slept for a month after it.

Very smart strategy to drop to the half I think, although I know it must be a bummer. There will definitely be many more seasons to come!

Annie Crow said...

Cool reading choices. I've been wondering about World War Z so I'm glad for your note. The Dude LOVES Stephen King so we have everything in our house. I had read some before meeting him and dip in to others now from time to time. But it's been too much for me lately (both length and intensity) - I think the last one I read, a few years ago, was Duma Keys.

I just finished Little Bee - also very intense. Different kind of horror. I had to make myself finish it by telling myself there are plenty of people out there living through these horrors, the least I can do is bear witness by reading about them. But it was also beautifully written, I'll read more by this guy.

And I'm applaud your running choices, I think they make such good sense! Enjoy this running season!

Kimmie said...

I love Stephen King! It still feels like Summer here in California. :-)

Ali K. said...

I love scary books and movies, but Matt hates the genre, so I never see scary movies anymore! I think now I'm more easily scared, too, because I'm out of practice lol. But I still love me a good scary book!

I'm pretty bummed, but I know it's the right decision.

Ali K. said...

WWZ is a little confusing at first because it's written as a series of interviews. But once I got into the structure, I was hooked. It's really interesting to see how our current global economy/relations fed into the zombie war, etc.

I liked Duma Key because it was about Casey Key, where King lives in Florida, and I knew the area. But yeah, I agree that the length and intensity of his novels is sometimes a lot to bear.

I have to check out Little Bee...I remember being interested but nervous to read it by the description on Amazon lol.

Ali K. said...

I was in SoCal this summer and it was like 75...I'd take that over the 90 we have going on here!

Run like a G! said...

I could never read horror books! The "horror genre" FREAKS me out!!!!!!
I am so happy about your running decisions and completely agree with you! You don't want to do any mental or physical damage! I will be rooting you on virtually and spiritually for your upcoming races! You will rock them girl!!
PLUS this means you should run a FULL with ME! haha!
I want to run one someday but I am scared...I'm also trying to convince Rachel from Life. Or Something Like It to run with me as well :) :)

Ali K. said...

For some reason, I just love horror! I always have :o)

I think it'd be really cool to do a meetup marathon or half with a bunch of bloggers. If we could find a location central to most of us, I think it'd be really fun and a nice way to connect!!

Kelsey @ Go Girl said...

That was so great of your husband to get you that paddleboard in exchange for his labor!! Looks like so much fun. Excited to hear about the 5k on Oct 19 (I have one the next day). Which Ragnar are you doing?!

Oh and I love to read just NOT Stephen King, although my boyfriend loves his books :)

Renee said...

I'm bummed for you about the marathon, but I know that you won't regret the decision. I hate making hard decisions like that. Hope you get all healed up so you have another chance at a marathon.

Ali K. said...

His getting me the board was partially selfish...this way, I have to learn to love paddleboarding as much as he does! The Ragnar I'm going is Miami to Key West next February. I'm super excited!

Ali K. said...

Thanks, girl. It really bites. But I know it's the smart decision. I know for sure that a marathon will be somewhere down the line for me, hopefully in the not-too-far future!

Kate Elliott said...

I LOVE reading! They're pure pulp but I've really enjoyed the Sookie Stackhouse novels. If you've seen Tru Blood, don't judge the books by the show.

Ali K. said...

I tried to read the first in the SS series and didn't like the writing style...although I do love supernatural books usually. One of my good friends is totally obsessed with that entire series :)