Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Perfect Weekend

If I can manage to fit a dinner out, a run, and social hour into a weekend I feel pretty satisfied and ready for Monday. This was just such a weekend.

Archie is doing much better. After the initial day of his illness, he only threw up once. He's been tired and a little clingy, but has been eating and drinking normally again, and his stools are normal again. (I jokingly mentioned to Matt that we're as bad as our friends-who-are-parents with our poop-talk and he replied, "That's what happens when you have a sick baby." Accurate.)
Cuddling in my shirt.
We're keeping him in the hospital cage as long as he's clingy because we think it's mostly due to his being cold. Today he gave himself a bath, so I think he's feeling much better.
So excited to eat, he took a seed-bath!
Snoozing on my hand while I was attempting to grade midterms today.
Friday night Matt and I had my favorite meal for long runs/races: sushi! It really is my favorite fuel, and once again it worked like a charm.
I could eat my weight in sushi and still not be tired of it!
Saturday I was up early for my long run. I met Tracey (one of my GGM teammates) at Tropical Smoothie and we ran a gorgeous 7 miles.
Feeling accomplished!
I was so distracted by the lovely route and good conversation that I didn't take any pictures...Oops! It's funny, because 7 miles is still a challenge to run physically, but in mental terms it doesn't seem that long anymore.
Thanks for the smoothie, Tracey! Next one's on me!
After the run, Matt and I hit up JoAnn Fabrics and got crafty making festive sweaters for Meg's Sweater Party. We enjoyed an amazing home-cooked meal, homemade eggnog, and some of the best sweaters and outfits I've seen in a long time.

Meg's coworkers are some of the funniest guys I've ever met. They make me miss our college friends!
Mmm, eggnog!
For those wondering, yes, those are authentic paisley pants from the '60s.
And because I love you guys, and am a sucker for public humiliation, here's a fun picture from Thursday when I did some speedwork at the gym and finished it up with weights for the first time in months:
Yes, 20 lbs hurts that much.
You're welcome.

How was your weekend?
Have you attended any holiday parties yet this season?
What's your go-to meal before a long-run or race?


22 comments: said...

My go to before a long run or workout is a bearded brother bar, or peanut butter and a banana.
Your holiday pictures are adorable :)
Sounds like a fantastic weekend!

Girl Goes Running said...

I am so glad Archie is feeling better! Sick pets are the worst :(

Looks like you had a fantastic weekend and I think those sweaters are awesome!

My go-to meal pre-long run/race is definitely a pasta dinner and an oatmeal/berries breakfast. :D

christime said...

Matt looks amazing with that huge bow! hehe. nice 7 miles!

Annie Crow said...

OMG, those sweaters are something else. And I want those pants.

Glad Archie is feeling better!

No parties (though I have to plan a bunch for work - that I won't attend) - but lots of extra church. And this weekend, lots of baking cookies to give away. I kind of wish I had a party to go to, but with all the birthdays we've had (and our massive Halloween party) I'm just not up to planning anything more before Valentine's (and no one's invited me to any, sigh). I have been meeting up with friends though for some extra drinks/dinners/lunches, just one-on-one.

... said...

I have never thought of a bird-pet being a snuggly pet... until that picture of Archie in your shirt!! That is the cutest thing I've seen a bird do EVER!!! Love it!!

Megan @ Meg Go run said...

I am so glad to hear Archie is doing better! I actually randomly thought about him today and wondered how it was going!

Kristina @ Blog About Running said...

I have to agree with the comment above about birds being snuggly. I had no idea they were so affectionate until I started reading your blog! Archie is the cutest!

Your weightlifting picture is so hardcore! I wouldn't want to come across you in a dark alley! :)

Ali K. said...

I hear you on the PB and's definitely a staple for breakfast before a run!

Ali K. said...

Me too...I was a nervous wreck while it was sick!

Pasta is always a safe and delicious bet!

Ali K. said...

haha yeah the bow made the outfit!

Ali K. said...

Sounds like you're keeping busy! One-on-one is sometimes much more gratifying than big parties :)

Ali K. said...

I'm going to have to post a video of Archie being cuddly. I was such a skeptic before we got a bird, and now I realize they can be just as cuddly as dogs! (Also, they're surprisingly soft!)

Ali K. said...

Aw, that's sweet that you thought of him! Yes, he's back to his normal self today, which is a relief!

Ali K. said...

Archie really enjoys being a spokesbird for all bird-kind and showing people how friendly birds can be :)

I know you're totally freaked out by my guns and evil constipation face hahaha

CheapRunnerMichelle said...

Love the outfits from your party!

Ali K. said...

They definitely set the mood!

Tonya@Healthy, Fit, and Frugal said...

Cute bird! I still feel like 7 miles is a challenge BOTH mentally and physically But I used to think that about 4-milers and now they are easy-breasy so there is hope?

emma @ a mom runs this town said...

Wow, I love your skirt and I love that guy's pants on the bottom left of that picture. They rock!

Ali K. said...

There's definitely hope...I remember I used to have a mental hangup on 4 miles, and now that's my go-to easy run!

Ali K. said...

Thanks! I actually bought it for New Years last year but ended up wearing a different dress, so this was my first chance to wear it!

Run like a G! said...

Ali - you are gorgeous! I love the picture of you and the hubs!!!!

Ali K. said...

Thanks lady!