Saturday, August 9, 2014

Another Week Down

This week was good practice for when I'll be back at school...starting next week. I may never be a natural morning runner, but I've gotten into the habit over the last few weeks.

I've decided to move all my Wednesday runs to Thursday. I like the idea of doing my cross-training earlier in the week and taking a full rest day Friday before running long Saturday. Maybe I'll actually do some cross-training if it's after an easy run instead of after speed work.

Monday I had two easy scheduled, but because I missed my five on Saturday I decided to do a bit more. I pushed the pace and did four over the bridge. It was a nice little speed workout. I think I'm going to use the bridge and do repeats when my plan calls for speed; I prefer working on the incline and it makes me faster without as much work, it seems.
It was sunny and hot when I finished, perfect for a dip in the pool!
That's probably all mental, but what can I say? When you figure out what works, you work it!

So I planned to do my five mile bridge repeats Thursday; I had a leadership retreat to be at and needed to be ready to go at 8:30. Of course, I had forgotten to change my alarm from Wednesday to Thursday, so I overslept. I barely got in three miles.

I was glad I fit something in, but annoyed at my poor planning. Still, maybe it was for the best, because I was having some foot pain.

Saturday I had 12 scheduled. There was a time when running long alone was a deal-breaker for me. I had to take a minute to pat myself on the back when my alarm went off at 4:30am and I dutifully climbed out of bed.

I haven't gotten a hydration pack yet, so I used my belt for the first time in months. The water was appreciated, but the belt was annoying. I need to get used to it again...or get the pack I'm coveting.
16oz of water and 8oz of caffeinated Nuun. This was my first time using the Honey Stinger chews and I really liked them; they're less sticky and easier to eat than Gu Chomps.
 When I first began my run, it was pitch dark and I was the only one out.
Morning runs are the best. I feel like I'm the only one in the whole world.
Actually, I didn't see many runners Saturday, which made me wonder if I had my days screwed up again. The first six miles were wonderful; I stopped at the park to refill my water bottles and use the bathroom. The second half of the run was pretty rough. The minute the sun came up I was guzzling water and paying the price for it.
All done! This was my longest run since February.
I was glad I remembered a beach I was absolutely dripping.
I guess "sweat-wicking" is all relative in Florida.
I made sure to stretch better this week than last, but I'm feeling some normal aches. The run was slow toward the end (nothing slows me down like a full stomach), but I got it done.

So, not a bad week over all. Starting Monday, I'll be back at work full-time for teacher in-service days, so all my runs will have to be earlier. I guess it's time to get reacquainted with 4:30am!

How was your week of running?
Are you a morning or evening runner?


Run like a G! said...

What a great week! It is so awesome that you stuck with it and cranked those long runs out! I use to go back and forth about running with people vs running solo. Sometimes I just crave a good solo long run!

Girl Goes Running said...

Awesome week of training! Way to rock 12 miles. :D I use those Honey Stingers too. They're pretty good when I'm running low on fuel. I'm a morning runner in the Summer and on school year weekends, but during school time I run in the late afternoon/evening. My new school for the year finishes at 2:30 so I will look forward to the late afternoon runs, especially in winter.

Kristina @ Blog About Running said...

I can't believe you're going back to work already. I feel like you blogged about the last day of school just yesterday. Time flies!

The Honey Stinger chews are my favorite! I rotate between fruit smoothie, all orange and all cherry!

PS: A few weeks ago you blogged about a friend of yours taking up running. How is she doing?! I hope she's starting to love it!

Courteney O said...

I have no idea how you get up at 430am to run...I have the best intentions in setting my alarm for 530 some mornings...but I just procrastinate!

Great job on the training...I will hit my longest mileage ever in a 15km run this week. Honey Stringers ROCK!!!

Megan @ Meg Go Run said...

Aughhhh I am dreading the earlier wake up call! I have been VERY lazy this summer. During the school year, I either get up at 5:30 if I lift or 6am if I run. Of course I prefer running days because... duh, and extra half hour! 4:30am is no joke though! This is what I am dreading... the night before school starts. I can NEVER sleep the night before.

Liz Bierly said...

Amazing job on your 12 miler! That is amazing, Ali :) I really struggle to get up and run on my own, especially since I don't feel all that safe running by myself.

Ben H said...

Applause is deserved for getting up at 4:30. Holy cow that's early! I have the same water belt and it is super annoying, but I never regret taking it especially on hot runs. What hydration pack are you looking at?

Courtney @ RunningforCupcakes said...

I'm a morning runner but then I always need a nap or coffee afterwards. I need to try the Honey Stinger chews, I love the waffles so I'm sure the chews are just as good!

Ali K. said...

I find if I run too much solo, that's how I want all my runs...but if I run too much with people, I become dependent. I need a good balance, but lately I've been on my own because it's a lot to ask someone to wake up at 4:30!

Ali K. said...

I wish I could run after school, but I get SO tired and it's still hot until like 8pm, so if I sit down after work I'm just DONE lol.

Ali K. said...

Caryn is doing really well! She's struggling a bit with motivation to wake up early, but she's definitely still at it and is training for her first 5k!

Ali K. said...

I honestly don't know how I do it either. I guess the alternative (knowing I'll regret missing the run later in the day) gets me up.

Congrats on 15km!!!

Ali K. said...

I am having major anxiety thinking about the first week. That's always rough. I forget how to plan lessons and I'm always worried I'll never memorize names...but once the first week is over things are less stressful and I'm able to get some sleep lol!

Ali K. said...

I've found that the more I practice running alone, the better I become at it...and the less anxious/scared. But it's smart not to run alone in the dark if you're scared!

Ali K. said...

I'm looking at a variety of packs. There are a couple from Camelbak that look promising, one from Ultimate Direction, and a couple Nathan packs. I wish I could find them in store to try on, but they're mostly online, so I may buy a few and return the ones I don't like! I'll write a review once I definitely find one.

Ali K. said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who naps after a run! It's tough during the week because I can't nap, but on weekends I nap after my runs every time!

I can't eat the waffles, but the stinger chews are amazing!