Sunday, September 7, 2014

I Still Exist

The time I usually spend reading/blogging I've been spending writing. Which is great, because I'm a writer at heart and when I get bit by the bug and my writer's block fades, I'm truly happy. But it also kind of stinks because there are only so many hours in the day. So when I'm done teaching and grading and running, I can either finally get my words down on paper (er...word doc), or I can blog. And right now blogging has had to take a back seat.
Making progress...I took some time off writing this summer because of all the traveling, etc.
Last Saturday we went to a Rays game and I indulged in a treat I haven't had since childhood.
Banana split flavor > everything else.
We spent Sunday and Monday with friends, so I pushed my Monday run to Tuesday and I got to experience the first hint of fall weather. 75 degrees, almost no humidity (so like, in the 80% range instead of 90%), and clear. I had one of my fastest runs this training cycle, which was greatly appreciated.
Totally psyched for cooler weather!
I missed my run Thursday because I'd pushed it to evening to meet a friend, but when she had to back out, I couldn't motivate myself to go.
All prepped for my next long run...I'm trying a few new flavors!
I've been really tired, which caused a mini angioedema flareup, so I slept through my morning run Saturday and moved it to nighttime. It was cool out post-rain shower, but still so humid I was covered in sweat and so damn thirsty. My mouth and throat feel so dry when I run that I end up chugging water...I could probably still run like that, but the fuelbelt is so awful when my stomach gets full. And then mentally I just can't seem to deal. 
At least it was pretty.
Mm, sweat.
All that is to say, blah blah blah, wah wah wah, I need to suck it up. Marathon training is hard. Running a marathon is going to be hard. The entire point of training is to build mental and physical toughness and grit so you can get through it. Some days I wonder if I'm cut out to run a full marathon, but I can't imagine not getting to that starting line, so if that's what I intend to do, I need to get serious about my training.

And I need to get back to your wonderful blogs! I miss you guys!

Link me to a post of yours I just can't miss, because I'm tempted to just mark my entire Bloglovin' feed as "read". I have something like 68 unread posts lol.



Liz Bierly said...

I just got back from a hiatus as well - no worries! And a few bad runs won't sink you - running is hard; if it was easy, everybody would do it :) Are you writing a book or an article or something else? If you are willing, I would absolutely love to read some of your writing :)

Megan @ Meg Go Run said...

When I see dip n dots it always reminds me of Hershey Park because that is the first time I ever saw them. :) Don't sweat the short runs in marathon training. Sure they are important, but it's the LONG runs that really count. I could barely make it 8 miles yesterday.... it was horrible. Good thing I am only training for a 10k!

Kristina @ Blog About Running said...

Ahh Dippin Dots! I love how they all kind of stick together. I'm a big fan of just the plain chocolate :)

You are definitely cut out to run a full marathon! Whenever I feel bad about skipping a run I just say, "Kristina, don't take yourself so seriously, you're not an elite runner. Life is too important to miss just to get another run in." As long as we get in our long runs and speed work, it's all good!

At some point you are going to have to share some details about your book :)

Nessa said...

I have the same problem juggling writing with blogging. Most of the time I end up combining them, I mean when you're a runner everything always seems to come back to running somehow?!
Whenever I'm feeling discouraged about running based on any bad runs I've had recently, I watch a little bit of Spirit of the Marathon, it's really inspiring stuff!

Girl Goes Running said...

So glad you're back! I haven't been writing per say, but returning to work is certainly not as smooth a transition as I would have liked it to be with running, working, blogging, etc. I'll get back into the swing of things soon....I think, lol. Great job on getting your runs done. My friend and I were just talking about how tough marathon training is yesterday! It IS tough for sure. You are totally cut out to be a marathoner! Just get those long runs in and you'll be good. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, here's some pressure: I reserved a room on Cocoa Beach specifically so that I can watch you cross the finish line, AND you only have 4 hours (the length of time of a round of golf, ha ha), so get those feets a-runnin'.
Your loving mom.

Courteney O said...

I just laughed at your mom's post above...way to go MOM! I just ran my longest run ever in anticipation for my first 1/2. You say marathon training is hard...I think 1/2 marathon training is hard! You've got this girl. 80% mental....and I know you can do it and am looking forward to your blog recap! You've got thi!!!

NotRachem said...

I miss you too! You are one of my favorite bloggers and I feel like you're actually a real friend! Creepy? I'm not trying to be! ;-) I'm glad you are finding time to write. It's very important that we take the time to do the things we love without the added pressure of social media.

Courtney @ RunningforCupcakes said...

And now I am craving dippin' dots and have no idea where to find them! I'm in my last 3 weeks of marathon training before taper and it's tough! I can't wait to be done with that last 20-miler. I am exhausted all the time but it will be worth it come race day. Keep it up!!

Ali K. said...

That's sweet to offer, but I don't even share my writing with my friends or family! I just like to write for myself.

Ali K. said...

The problem is that without the base of the short runs, the long runs are really tough! lol

Ali K. said...

I like that advice...I'm going to use it on myself, too! I'm not an elite for a reason!

Maybe someday I'll share some details, but I'm weirdly private about what I write lol!

Ali K. said...

I definitely combine running and's why I have the blog! But sometimes fiction just sinks its claws in and needs to be written.

Running movies...YES. I am going to start watching some for extra motivation!

Ali K. said...

Well you can count on at least 4.5 hours! haha

Ali K. said...

It's funny because the distance isn't really that hard...but somehow it SEEMS hard! It's all so mental!

Ali K. said...

I'm going to revise my statement and say ALL race training is hard, because if you have a specific goal race then the pressure makes it harder!

Ali K. said...

Not creepy!!! I feel the same way! It's why I wanna do a blogger meetup someday!!

Ali K. said...

I actually think some grocery stores might have Dippin' Dots now! The novelty is what makes them so good!