Thursday, December 31, 2015

Winter Break Workouts & Stuff

It never fails that once I finally get into relaxation mode (meaning, the school-related dreams have ended and traveling for the holidays is mostly over), my immune system takes a break and I get sick. It's nothing major, but I've had headaches from the minute I wake up that last all day, I've been really lethargic, and my throat has been hurting.

I haven't been running because my energy level is just shot. But I have been doing some other workouts that I thought would be easier - meaning, no bouncing that will hurt my head. Not easy, because they definitely aren't!

The first is this workout from Blogilates that Helly linked on her blog a couple weeks ago. I thought this looked "easy" and about two minutes into it was like OMG NO. I didn't feel sore immediately after (I did during), but DOMS set in the next day and I'm still walking like a robot.
I also got myself Alexa Jean's workout "books" when they were on mega sale around Thanksgiving. (I don't usually pay for workouts but they were so cheap, I couldn't say no.)
My original plan was to do the 30 day challenge after the marathon (and put running on the back burner for awhile), so I've been doing these fairly diligently. I like that they're quick and seem easy, but then you really start to feel them after a couple days. And honestly, I do think I'm seeing results pretty quickly, too.

On the relaxation front, I decided to undertake the task of watching all six Star Wars movies before we went to see The Force Awakens. I've never seen them before! We watched all six over break and I wrote reviews/reactions on Facebook, which ended up being pretty fun.
I liked being able to discuss such culturally significant movies with my friends who are big fans; it was funny to see how many people told me to "just enjoy them." Like, the entire point of my watching them was to analyze, react, and review!
#EnglishMajorProblems, right? I keep trying to tell people that analyzing movies is how I enjoy them!
I have a ton of work-related stuff I need to get done before school starts again Monday. Midterms are the week we get back, so I need to get mine printed and copied. I have a PD I need to write and prepare for that week, too, and I still have tons of grading to finish. But I'm glad I took the first week of break to just relax and enjoy time with family and friends.

Sometimes we all need that mental break in order to come back sharp and be able to continue doing our jobs to the best of our ability. Teachers especially, since we work with kids and need to be compassionate and patient at work, need this time to just veg out.

Have you seen the Star Wars movies?
When you take a break from running, what kinds of workouts do you do?
Have you ever tried Blogilates?



Lizzy said...

I hope you feel better soon!

I was really into Blogilates videos for awhile but marathon training messed with it. I found her workouts to be too intense for me to be doing regularly in addition to marathon training. I still like Casey's stuff though, and every once in a while I'll do an abs or an arms workout or maybe a total body if I want a good workout. Her videos are no joke!

Girl Goes Running said...

Yes I completely agree! We need to rejuvenate our bodies so we can come back with gusto. ;) I'm sure my post-holiday cold will arrive Feel better!

Megan @ Meg Go Run said...

You know me, when I run less I lift more!

Enjoy your last couple days of break. :)

Kristina said...

Blogilates!!! I do her videos sometimes and they can be brutal! I always feel the burn!

I'm really looking forward to a few days of relaxation before the new year begins. There are a couple of shows I want to marathon on Netflix -- Making a Murderer is addicting and frustrating. There are several people that just make me want to break my laptop screen when they show up!

Jen@Jpabstfitness said...

I have the same thing- headache, sore throat, soooo tired. Ugh. Hope you feel better soon!


Gulf Girl said...

Hot toddies are always good: 1T whiskey, in a cup of tea with 1T honey. Good for the throat, and a soothing way to baby yourself when you have a cold!

Ali K. said...

I totally get that...I can't do HIIT workouts while training for big races. They make me too sore and it's hard to run.

Ali K. said...

When do you go back to work?? I have to be feeling better by January 4!

Ali K. said...

I'm jealous that you enjoy lifting so much; it would be the easy and effective alternative!

Ali K. said...

When do you go back to work? I'm not sure I'm going to be watching Making a Murderer. Too frustrating!

Ali K. said...

It seems to be going around! Multiple friends have told me they have the same symptoms!

Ali K. said...

I always forget hot toddies, and I have all the ingredients at home especially for that reason.

Megan Michael said...

It wasn't an instant love. But after I saw improvements- lifting heavier weights, running faster, getting more "toned" (I hate that word but you know what I mean!) It made me REALLY appreciate it.