Friday, August 19, 2016

My New Gym

One of my goals this summer was to clean out one of our guest rooms and turn it into a little at-home "gym."

I came home from work on Tuesday weirdly motivated to finally roll up my sleeves and get to work. I wish I'd taken a before picture, but all you get is this after shot:
I'm not sure if I'll keep the rug in there; it may slip around during certain exercises. We'll see how it goes!
My running quote-a-day calendar is right in front of the TV, so I can stay focused and motivated while also being entertained. I've also decorated the room with the sign my mom made me for my first marathon, a 26.2 magnet my sister got me, and the motivational quote block Megan got me when we met in December!

I also put a pile of fitness magazines in there. I've been planning to go through them and tear out the workouts that look interesting and make a binder of them, so that's my next project.

We originally had two beds in this room; one was an inflatable. I deflated it and was momentarily sidetracked when I discovered a dead snake under it! You know, finding lizard mummies in the house isn't unusual, and they don't gross me out much, and I like live snakes quite a bit, but this little guy freaked me out! He was just unexpected.
I wasn't sure how to get rid of it, so I took a break and watched some Real Housewives until Matt suggested I sweep it up with the broom. He's so smart.
Here's some of the equipment I have at my disposal:
1: Yoga ball. 2: Resistance band loop. 3: Various resistance bands with handles. 4: Weighted medicine ball. 5: Various recovery items. 6: Kettlebells and weights. Not pictured: the pull up bar in the doorway.
The next additions on my list are a yoga mat (I've been storing mine in Elizabeth's classroom and want a second for home) and a workout bench. There are so many ways to use them, and I know we can find a good one without spending too much.

I do most of my non-running workouts at school, but there are days I can't, and that's when my nice little workout room will come in handy! Just having it in the house is motivating me to use it!

Now the question is...once I get the bench, can I convince Matt that we need a treadmill, too?

Do you have a designated workout spot at home?
What equipment would you put in your dream at-home-gym?



Fairytales and Fitness said...

I have a bowflex, bike, and treadmill and they are all in different parts of the Maybe some day I'll get my act together and make a proper workout room!

Runner Girl Fitness said...

I actually got my treadmill and weight bench off a site similar to craig's list here in NS. It was a great deal!

Denise @ An Academic Athlete said...

I really want a treadmill, but we definitely don't have a place for it right now. Someday I'll have one, because when it's 10 degrees outside in January, putting on 10 layers of clothes to go run isn't the most fun thing in the world. :) Although maybe I'll just move somewhere warm and solve that problem. :)

Megan @ Meg Go Run said...

OMG do you think the snake was there when I was there??? Ali, I GASPED OUT LOUD and my draw dropped when I read that! I am terrified and mortified. :(

Okay, I have calmed down. I love that you now have a designated space to workout! I keep all my weights in our guestroom but actually use them in the sunroom because that is where the TV is.

Kristina said...

Oh no! Poor little snake. I'm not scared of snakes but I don't like dead things so I would probably have to avoid that room for a few months if it was in my house! hah!

I love that you turned the room into a gym. That's a great idea! When we move into our new place Adam wants to turn one of the bedrooms into an office --- but now I might suggest we turn it into a gym instead! We've been spoiled having a nice gym right in our apartment complex for years now, and I would love to avoid having to get a gym membership!

Ana L said...

Lots of great inspiration for your work out room!!

Will you put your bibs and medals there too?

That poor snake died axificiated under that mattress !

chocolaterunsjudy said...

I would LOVE TRX, but we simply have nowhere to hang them unless we put a hook in the ceiling. :(

I use our family room as my workout room and it's the only part of the house that is carpeted, so I don't use a yoga mat (although I own several). Just grippy socks.

My dream gym would have an inside lap pool, complete with a pool boy . . .

Ali K. said...

To clarify, the snake was under the inflatable mattress in the OTHER guest room - not the one you stayed in! I think he came in this summer when the rains got really bad, so he wasn't there when you were staying with us! :) I hope that makes you feel better haha!

Ali K. said...

I'd love to have some real machines in the house; I think my husband and I would both benefit from them, but we're too cheap to splurge on them, even though they'd save us the money of his gym membership!

Ali K. said...

We did find a weight bench on Craigs List for pretty cheap, but didn't jump on it in time. I'm worried about buying a used treadmill because sometimes those things get wonky! But I can't afford a new one, so I'll probably look for used.

Ali K. said...

Yeah, the trouble with having a treadmill handy is that sometimes an outdoor run is better for your fitness but treadmills make being indoors SO easy! I like forcing myself to run outside when the weather is terrible, but sometimes it would be nice to have an indoor option.

Ali K. said...

That room seems to be a room of death for critters. I uncovered a mummified lizard when I moved the other bed around, and I found gecko poop so I know we'll soon have another corpse somewhere in there. I think they're coming in to escape the rain.

An office/gym combo would be so great for you guys. You'd both get great use out of it!

Ali K. said...

Our bibs and medals are all hung up in the living room. Matt built really beautiful shelves for them, so they're not moving anytime soon, although I may take my old bibs that I keep in a shoebox and put them up in the workout room so they're on display.

I know, I feel so bad for the snake! If I'd found him sooner, maybe I could've gotten him back outside before he died!

Ali K. said...

TRX look so cool, but it's hard to imagine having them in a house. I've only ever seen them in a real gym!

Mm, I wouldn't mind a lap pool with a pool boy either! Our pool is much too small for laps, but it's nice for recovery!

Janelle J said...

I like your new home gym! I've been using my home office as a pseudo workout area - I go in there to foam roll and stretch after my runs!