Sunday, August 28, 2016

Weekly Workouts 8/22-8/28

Monday: Elizabeth and I christened my "gym" with a nice pilates workout. After our 8-miler the night before, deep stretching and strengthening was just what we needed.
Tuesday: We did a bridge workout that felt particularly hard, maybe because the heat index was 102. I don't have much to say on this one except that it was tough and I was glad when it was over!
Even the sunset and sky look hot!
Wednesday: We tried a new workout video that I ended up really liking! This cardio boxing video kept our heart rates up and really felt like good work. We were both surprised by how much we liked this video, and I was totally satisfied at the end!
Thursday: The weather gave us a little break for our first easy run of the week. We tried a couple new paths on the golf course and kept a nice, steady pace in the mid-9s. It was overcast and very windy - there's a hurricane of some kind brewing out in the ocean and we're starting to see some effects of it already - so I think that helped.
Average pace: 9:37.
I'm always secretly worried we'll get in trouble for running on the course, but Thursday we finally seemed to get the "okay" from one of the groundskeepers. We had paused briefly for water at the driving range when he drove by and offered us cups (every evening they take away the paper cups at the drinking stations). He was super friendly and didn't tell us not to use the course or its amenities, so I feel like now we have tacit approval.

Friday: Unplanned rest due to storms.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: I had a headache all afternoon, so I wasn't feeling up for a run or anything really bouncy. I did some easy, low-impact exercises - squats, pushups, tricep dips, lunges - and called it a day.

I'm unhappy with how this week ended. My runs were good but I only got two in. But I'm trying to remember that it's all about consistency over time, and one mediocre week isn't going to kill me!



Fairytales and Fitness said...

I was wondering about that golf course running. I thought about doing that a few years back but thought it would be frowned upon. Do you run while people are out there playing golf?
Stay safe in those upcoming storms!

Megan @ Meg Go Run said...

"it's all about consistency over time" <--- You got it, girl!

I don't think we are allowed to run on golf courses on here. I have seen warning signs. Which is sad because golf courses are so pretty!

Last night I dreamed I did a cardio kick boxing video! I sort of feel like doing one now!

Ana L said...

Can I ask a dumb question? Is Bridge work your hill training? Roger (my fiancé) used to live in Fort Lauderdale, and tells me that was what he called his hill training, running up the bridge, because that was the most elevation he would have.

Jennifer Kent said...

Will definitely try that Pilates video! Thanks for posting it! Good that your golf course is friendly to runners!

Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor said...

I've only followed your blog through your marathon trainings, so I don't have a frame of reference outside of that, but do you always run your shorter distance non-marathon training runs at these paces, or did you just get a lot faster this year? I'm seeing such an improvement from your marathon training paces and it's really impressive!

I always feel sort of mad at myself when I end my week with missed workouts too. But I'm sure once the new week gets under way you'll forget all about it and feel much better!

Kristina Allen said...

The cloud coverage due to the storms rolling around out there has provided some nice relief - although at times it's somehow even more humid than usual. I actually have no idea how that's possible!

I wonder if the storms are causing headaches. I also had a headache this weekend that came on out of no where and felt like I took a good pounding to the head!

Ali K. said...

I usually wait until about 7pm to run on the golf course. At that point, there are people out there messing around, but I've never seen an actual party on the course at that time.

We're prepping for the storms, but chances are we'll just get a little rain and not much else! We've been lucky the last few years.

Ali K. said...

I see warning signs on my parents' course because it's private, but even those signs are more in regards to "during playing hours". But my course is public so I think it's a little more relaxed!

This video doesn't have as much kicking as I thought, but I think I'll look for a kick-BOXING video next!

Ali K. said...

That's not a dumb question! Yes, running on our bridge is my hill training. We don't have hills at ALL in my part of Florida, but luckily I live about 5 minutes from a pretty solid bridge, and there are huge bridges all over my city because we live right near the water!

Ali K. said...

I hope you enjoy it! It's a fun video!

Ali K. said...

Before I started marathon training, I ran comfortably in the mid-to-upper-9s. My 10k PR is 58:xx and it's a couple years old. When I began training for my first marathon, I slowed way down, and then had trouble shaking that. So that's why I've been focusing on short distance and speed this year; it was my intention to find my fast again and hopefully hold onto it for the next time around when I decide to do another marathon. I posted about it all last October or November when I decided to take 2016 off from marathoning.

Ideally, I'd like to get faster than I was before. I'm hoping to someday be running comfortable in the high-8s.

So, short answer...yes, I've gotten faster, but it's more like a return to my "usual." FINALLY :) Thanks for noticing haha!

Ali K. said...

I feel like the clouds make it more humid because it's ALL that moisture but it's not actively raining so it just SITS in the air. Ugh.

I do think my headaches are related to the atmospheric pressure of all these storms, but I hate saying it because I think people will think I'm making it up. But I really do think that's what's doing it. I seem to be getting headaches pretty frequently the last couple weeks.