Sunday, October 2, 2016

Weekly Workouts 9/26-10/2

Monday: I have a love/hate relationship with PopSugar and the way it talks about fitness. There's a lot of garbage about cleanses and losing weight on their website, but their workouts are really great for small spaces and limited gear. I found this link to 13 5-Minute Workout Videos and they are exactly what I need for Mondays.
I only did the videos pictured above because I wanted to focus on my core and stretching, but the leg workouts look really good, too.

Tuesday: W/U .3 @ 9:40; 1 mile @ 8:10; 4x800 @ 8:19. Elizabeth and I did some speed work at the park. My plan was do mile repeats, but after the first I knew I had to adjust the plan. Whatever horrific cold I had a couple weeks ago has finally caught up with Elizabeth, and she couldn't seem to catch her breath. She didn't ask me to adjust the plan, but I could tell by her wheezing that it was for the best; I really didn't want her to keel over!
The change in color gradation was so cool! I love cloudy sunsets.
We ended up finishing the workout by doing half-mile repeats. We kept a really good pace and I felt pretty strong, but I probably rested more between them than I should have. Technology worked for us today, so that's a bonus.

Wednesday: We played around on the Blogilates website and chose a few videos to target our legs, abs, back, and arms. It's been awhile since we've done Blogilates so it was a nice change to come back to!

Thursday: The day before a race I usually rest, but I just felt like running. Elizabeth and I did a moderate 4 miles. My legs felt great, but the humidity is still really taking a lot of effort out of me. Even with a walk break around 3 miles, we were able to keep our pace sub-10, so I was happy!
It left me feeling both physically ready for Friday's race and nervous about the weather conditions.

Friday: Howl at the Moon 5k! This was a night race and the course was almost completely unlit. I had a great race - more details to come in the recap this week - and had zero calf pain! Downward dog is working!
Saturday: Rest! We slept in, then drove up to see my family for a not-really-but-kind-of Rosh Hashanah dinner.

Sunday: 9 miles with Elizabeth. I was absolutely exhausted. My legs felt okay but my body was just dragging. We kept a very slow pace and took some consistent walk breaks every mile or so.
I'm actually surprised our paces aren't more varied! It felt like we were all over the place.
It felt cool at the start (75 degrees) but the 89% humidity caught up with us, I guess. Can we have fall weather yet?!

This week I got in all my workouts as scheduled and felt really good! This was a solid one!



Megan @ Meg Go Run said...

A solid one indeed! I can't wait to hear more about your race. Did you think you were going to our or was it a surprise?

Megan Michael said...

That should say pr!

Kristina said...

I feel the same way about PopSugar. Some of their posts are such garbage but the workout posts are well organized, include good instructional pictures and nice videos.

Looking forward to hearing more about the race this week!! :D

Montana Ross said...

Seriously...fall weather come hither! I'm so over this heat and humidity. I had an allergy attack this weekend so I struggled through Saturdays run with the weather and my stuffy nose. I'm hoping to get a 10 miler in soon. Maybe this Saturday if I'm feeling better!?

Ana L said...

Congratulations on your 5K PR!! I'm glad the downward dog stretches are helping! I have been doing them at night too, because they helped me a lot!

Ali K. said...

Once I heard my splits around mile 2 I knew I had at least a LITTLE PR in the bag. I didn't realize it would be so major!

Ali K. said...

I wish fitness websites could be fun and engaging without adding all the "fake health" stuff to it. The more serious sites avoid that kind of jazz, but they're not as fun to follow!

Ali K. said...

Yuck. I've never had so many angioedema attacks in a row as I did this August/September. The humidity is REALLY bringing on the allergies. I think the weather should be cooling off soon...right? It has to eventually!

Ali K. said...

I honestly wish I'd started doing downward dog sooner because it works SO much better than rolling for my calves, and if I do it just two minutes a night I'm totally pain-free!

Janelle J said...

Great job with your workouts! When you start feeling sick, it's so important to take it easy and rest. Hopefully Elizabeth feels better!