Tuesday, December 13, 2016

That Time I Thought I Had Zika for About 5 Minutes

So, I'm sick.

It's nothing dire, but just bad enough that I need a couple more days of rest. Monday I left work a little early to get my throat checked out and make sure I didn't have strep. As is usually the case with walk-in clinics, it took me about two hours to be seen. This is the conversation I had with Matt to pass the time.
I also texted Elizabeth this photo. Her response was typical - she laughed her butt off at me:
It turns out they had a reason to make me wear a mask...which I kept on for almost an hour in the waiting room before deciding it was too annoying. I can only be so compliant.
Just to clarify, there were approximately 25 minutes between my dismissal of the chance that I had Zika and my freakout about getting a throat swab.
It all turned out okay, though. I survived and I don't have strep or Zika. I was given instruction to rest, drink lots of fluids, and come back if I develop a fever or sores in my throat (ew).

I'm self-medicating by watching Love, Actually and sipping hot toddies. Not much more you can do for a cold! I'm hoping I feel better in time for our long run Saturday morning and our school holiday party Saturday evening.

What's your favorite movie to watch while sick?
Do you go to the doctor, or are you a Matt?



Kristina said...

I hope you feel better soon!

I used to be like Matt, but right now I'm in the middle of a thing I'm calling "The Year of 30: I'm Not Scared" so I've been bravely booking doctor appointments and trying not to stress about them (too much). It's not easy, tbh!

Megan @ Meg Go Run said...

Oh man I'm glad it's not Zika or strep!! Sore throats suck especially for teachers. I hope you feel better soon. I guess my favorite thing to watch while I'm sick is CNN lol.

Ana L said...

What !! That is insanity! Is Zika transmittable through breathing? are you avoiding Miami now? So many questions, I know, sorry!

I'm Matt.... I would only go to the doctor if I couldn't patch up a lost finger with a band aid.

Thank you for Reminding me of Love Actually! I need to watch that movie before the holidays are over... and cry over Alan Rickman.

Kerry said...

That's crazy!! I'm glad you don't have it! I hope you feel better soon. I got H1N1 the year that it was really bad. My doctor's visit was a lot like yours, and I was definitely freaking out.

Have fun watching Live Actually! That's such a great movie.

Helly B said...

Hope you're feeling better!! I absolutely LOVE love, actually <3

Jen said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! I hate going to Urgent Care!!


Ali K. said...

Do you think going to the doctor more is a sign of MORE fear or less? I feel like it takes guts to go to the doctor, but it's also kind of a sign of paranoia that you're sick? I don't know - I've always been one to go to the doctor at the first sign of being sick with anything more than a cold.

Ali K. said...

Luckily it passed pretty quickly. I'm avoiding CNN these days so I'm enjoying watching feel-good movies instead. I'm still having such a hard time getting myself back into "normalcy". It's like I'm living in denial these days.

Ali K. said...

I have no idea how Zika is transmitted. I'm not avoiding Miami - I'll be going to Ft. Lauderdale in February and really there have been Zika cases all over Florida - but I think it's pretty unlikely I'll come down with it. Since we're not planning to get pregnant it's not a big deal for me, except for the flu symptoms, so I'm not too scared of it!

It was heart-wrenching to see Alan Rickman in that role. I miss him and his dulcet tones.

Ali K. said...

Luckily, no Zika here! But Florida definitely has cases, so fingers crossed I can avoid it forever!

Ali K. said...

Thanks! I am feeling better. Love, Actually is such a favorite!!

Ali K. said...

Thank you! I am feeling much better!