Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekly Workouts: 4/24-4/30

Monday: Rest.

Tuesday: Unplanned rest. We had a family emergency and I had to skip out on my planned run.

Wednesday: Arms/shoulders/back lifting workout. Elizabeth and I made a quick weight routine and it was brutal. I could barely get through two repetitions! I know you're supposed to "lift to failure" so I guess we succeeded in that. I need some lighter weights for when we target shoulders!
I still don't know how to name some of these moves. Someday I'll get action shots, I swear.
After the weights, I took advantage of the late sunset and close golf course and got in a run! I did run/walk with 4::45 intervals. I felt amazing, as I wrote about on Friday.
So sweaty and so happy!
Thursday: Stacey, Elizabeth, and I did two Blogilates leg videos. Going back to these videos has been a good way to keep our routine going when we're pressed for we usually are during the last weeks of school!
Friday: The KBC completed my favorite dynamic plank circuit. (Seriously, do yourself a favor and click that link. It's such a good workout.) We did each move 5 times and completed the circuit 3 times. It doesn't look like much, but this one always leaves me super sweaty and shaky.
I saw two beautiful woodpeckers on this run! I ran 1 mile @ 9:30.
After this workout, I went out and ran a mile. I decided to forgo run/walk because I didn't plan to be out there long and I wanted to see if I could get a mile in without stopping. The run was a success, but I did have some knee and shin aches in my left leg in the first few minutes.

Saturday: I was totally feeling those planks! My obliques and hips were pretty sore. I happily took a rest day.

Sunday: 2.5 miles around the golf course using 4:45 intervals again. I had definite stiffness in my right ankle that crept up to my knee as the run progressed. I am anxious to see if the stiffness and tightness I felt this week dissipates or gets worse as I continue to test the waters.
This week was solid and I am over the moon that I got to run! I ran fewer than six miles this week altogether, but I feel heartened and happy that, after weeks and weeks of nothing, I'm doing something, even if my symptoms still seem to be just below the surface.



S Sharp said...

Yes, such awesome news--keep it up! I bet it feels just amazing to be right back at it.

Gulf Girl said...

Love the photo bomber!

Ana L said...

Good! I hope the running stays strong and painless!

Did you have any luck with finding a different doctor?

Megan @ Meg Go Run said...

Does running make you feel like yourself again? I know I am so much more than a runner, but when I take time off from running, I feel like I am completely "off" and that to feel whole again I need to run. I hope everything is okay with your family.

Fairytales and Fitness said...

I am always jealous of your beautiful golf course runs!
Hey, I saw a real woodpecker for the first time this morning (i've only ever heard them but have never seen them).

Jennifer @ Dashing in Style said...

Not sure whether to thank you or curse you for that plank workout! Whew--three circuits?! I bet you were sore the next day! Bookmarking it and saving for a day when I'm ready for a challenge.

Ali K. said...

It does feel SO good, even if right now I'm just testing the waters.

Ali K. said...

I have one I'm feeling hopeful about but I haven't heard back from his office yet. I am going to call again this week.

Ali K. said...

YES. I didn't even realize how unlike myself I'd been feeling in ALL aspects until I ran this week and then it's like a light turned on in my head again.

Things are okay. Thanks <3

Ali K. said...

I love seeing woodpeckers as long as they aren't near my house. They are LOUD.

Ali K. said...

Oh yes, I was VERY sore the next day. And in the middle of the 2nd circuit my back popped allllll the way up my spine. Gotta love that!