Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Fingers Crossed

On Tuesday night, I ran for the first time since my second surgery.

I had wanted to run all weekend, but we were away for a wedding and timing just didn't work out. I was nervous to go alone Tuesday but I also didn't want to go with anyone. I just needed the chance to test the waters.

Matt came with me because when we run together we don't really run together. We walked the warmup together and I told him, "If this run goes well, I'm signing up for the A1A 5k when we get home."
It's happening! I chose my outfit very carefully for this run because I needed the best mental vibes I could get.
And then I turned my watch on and started my first 3-minute interval, and Matt took off at his loping pace. He'd come back and loop around to meet up with me every few minutes throughout the run.

I ran in the circle neighborhood I stuck to after the first surgery; it's pretty and predictable...and quiet. I don't feel too self-conscious there.

For the first three minutes, I felt a little tight and stiff. I was doing 3:1 intervals, and at my first walk break I started to feel loosened up. The rest of the run was just...Amazing.
First walk break. Starting to feel good.
I had some hamstring tightness and I could feel a knot in my right calf, but it was definitely not tight or painful. I can't express the relief of being able to tell that a muscle ache is just a knot that needs some massaging.

By the middle of the run, I was grinning. I struggled a little in the chilly air and my legs felt tired and out-of-practice but I felt good. About 3/4 of the way done, I almost started crying. OAR's "City on Down" came on my playlist and for some reason everything just felt so perfect.
Matt caught me mid-joy. I couldn't contain my elation!
When we got home, I iced and used my TENS unit while I signed up for the race.

I also managed to convince my sister to run it with me - she usually meets me at the finish line of this race, so I am ecstatic - and even Matt and Oden (who we stay with for A1A every year) may run it! It'll be like a big celebratory party race! Obviously I will be using intervals and focusing on just finishing nice and easy, but I can't think of a better way to celebrate the end of this frustrating, depressing year of injury.
2 miles done and feeling GREAT!
I know I'm not fully "recovered"; Dr. G. said to expect it to take 3 months before I'm ready to pursue the kind of running I was doing pre-diagnosis. So, I will be patient and listen to my body. And maybe in the fall, I'll be ready to aim for a longer or faster race...

But honestly? I'm not even that impatient anymore, because now that there's forward progress, I am satisfied. I am ready to take the days as they come, because I have a lifetime of running ahead of me.



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Karen! I've missed you!

  2. This is awesome Ali! How did you feel later that night and the day after? You are a blur of joy in that pic. :)

    1. I had some twinges when I was sleeping, but the next day my legs felt really great! I am going to run no more than 3 times a week to start so I have plenty of recovery time between them.

  3. I love that joyful pic of you!

    What a great idea to have everyone run the race with you. I would love to do it too but IDK if I am going to be able to make it 5K at that point lol!

    1. IF you are able to and want to run the 5k, I 100% still want you to join me! No pressure, of course. I know you need to put your recovery first.

  4. I'm so glad to hear you're making such good progress! I hope you continue to heal quickly so you can stay on the road.